Lighthouse artist PEKKA VEHVILÄINEN

I spent summers at shool-age in archipelago of Rauma at westcoast of  Finland close to Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse and visited Bengtskär at 80´s and Enskär early 90´s. The reason for leaving the quarter-century work as a city planner in Helsinki and moving to Hanko in the middle of the sea was partly the nearness of  Gustavsvärn, which I first visited at the start of the 90´s. 

The real high point for documenting the lighthouses with pen and watercolour was participation a project making a book of Finnish Lighthouses.

 With the group I visited most of old lighthouses of Finland (and some in Russia & Estonia) and scetched them as a travelling artist. Most of the drawings and watercolours made at the spot were left to the local boatmen etc. After  the book was published I have painted larger watercolours from many of the lighthouses and made prints and postcards, some of which are presented at my homesides.

I paint landscapes, buildings, boats etc by order, preferable on the spot, but when necessary even from photos. Let me paint Your house, summer cottage, boat or favourite lighthouse. You may use the painting for prints, postcards etc.!

 One of my dreams is to visit the most visually interesting lighthouses around the Baltic sea and Nordic countries and make an exhibition and possibly an book from them. There are hundreds of  books about lighthouses using photos, but I dont know any book with only or moustly hand-made pictures! Maybe a book with my paintings from 100 most beautiful / dramatic lighthouses in the world would be a suitable task of life!




The prints are made from original watercolours by offset, their size is 50x35 cm and they are printed on hight-class watercolour paper. Each print is numbered (limited edition) and signed by the artist.

The price of one print is 50 €, larger amounts  by agreement. Pls send your request by email to   or call +35699576795 Malta/+358405522486 Finland.

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Summer 2015 in Finland, Hanko, East Harbour, 1.7-9.8.

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Permanent exhibiton In Finland, Hanko, Pizza-house Nadin (Ratakatu 12) 

In Malta, Marsaskala: Restaurant Zonqor Point, Triq Iz Zonqor and Music Cafe Happy Hive.